Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nashville Predators unveil new logos

Just hours before the 2011 NHL Awards commence in Las Vegas, the Nashville Predators unveiled a new logo set to represent their brand. The team didn't write a lengthy press release to describe the process that led to its final selection of logos to represent them for the 2011-2012 season. But it did provide a general summary of the representation of the logos.

The Nashville Predators will launch new logos and updated wordmarks at NHL Draft Weekend this weekend in Minnesota. This week's launch is the conclusion of a lengthy process which included fan focus group input, input from season ticket holders, meetings with the Reebok NHL design team, designed to showcase a more contemporary and aggressive look by streamlining the original logo with tweaks like shading on the teeth and adding a distinctive gold color band through the logo.

In addition to the team logo, the Preds also unveiled a new secondary logo designed to represent the Tennessee state flag and Nashville's music city heritage. The guitar pick shape recognizes the Music City heritage and influence, while the three stars signify the East, Middle and Western parts of the state in similar shape and design as the state flag.

The wordmark and secondary NP mark were both updated to remain consistent with the new color scheme, look, feel and font treatments showcased in the logos.

image courtesy: Nashville Predators

According to various sources covering the team, the Predators are expected to also unveil their new away jersey during the upcoming 2011 NHL Entry Draft.

In my opinion, I do like how the primary logo has been simplified by the shading and detailing elements. Some have thought the original version looked robotic in appearance. The teeth aren't as detailed as they previously. Remember during this year's playoff run that you saw Predators fans wearing gold T-shirts at Bridgestone Arena? Get used to that color as a more prominent part of the team color scheme. And if you have been paying attention to the look of the team's official web site, you will notice a preview of what could be the Predators' new home jersey with gold as the base color.

Either way, this is a change that Predators fans may embrace, but one of the brand logos that truly stands out is the new guitar pick secondary logo. The emphasis on Nashville's country music roots will help the team's identity. No other National Hockey League team uses this as a part of their brand.

For a closer view at the logos, see Ryan Porth's blog entry at Smashville 24/7.

As for the jerseys, time will tell after their unveilings if the fans will embrace them.

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