Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011 Calgary Flames preseason schedule

The Calgary Flames announced their 2011 preseason schedule. They are the away team for the September 29th game.

From the team's official news release:

The Calgary Flames announced today their 2011 pre-season schedule which starts on Tuesday, September 20th with a two team/same day format against the Vancouver Canucks.

The Flames will play a total of six pre-season games (4 x home / 2 x away) against the Edmonton Oilers (2), Vancouver Canucks (2), New York Islanders (1) and the Phoenix Coyotes (1).

The Flames' 2011 preseason schedule is as follows:
(game start times are in Eastern Time)

September 21* - vs. Vancouver, 9; at Vancouver, 10
September 24 - at Edmonton, 8:00 PM
September 25 - vs. Edmonton, 8:00 PM
September 27 - vs. New York Islanders, 9:00 PM
September 29 - vs. Phoenix, 9:00 PM

*split squad games

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