Thursday, September 25, 2008 provides preview of its upcoming makeover

The National Hockey League gave fans a preview of what is to come as the start of the 2008-2009 regular season is only days away. The look of their official web site is getting its latest makeover done in time for opening night.

A beta test web site for is now available for viewing. It is to be the new look for the NHL's official
web site.
(image courtesy: National Hockey League)

When I saw it yesterday, I think this has a more professional look to it. It's sleeker and with the latest bells and whistles. At first, I thought the team logos up top wasn't keeping its colors where maybe it's supposed to blend in with the rest of the page that's dominantly in black and silver, but I see that when you place your cursor on them, they appear in color.

Now I wonder if that means the individual teams will be undergoing another makeover, too.

Back on Friday, the Buffalo Sabres introduced a new media player for Sabres TV. This comes as no surprise that they're doing this with the other teams. I saw the Toronto Maple Leafs did and the Anaheim Ducks are testing theirs.

Some people may ask why again is there another makeover? Well, to me a lot of times, there is a good feeling to make improvement that are introduced at the start of the new season. It gives fans that sense of excitement of something new, fresh and improved for opening night. If it's not as good, then there should be no need to fix it.

This is however, a nice improvement. If it is also to be done for the 30 team sites, wow, that would be nice.

Within the makeover is a complete re-vamping of their multimedia access section of the site. Recently, fans have had the opportunity to watch NHL Center Ice Online, the internet version to the television subscription service where you can access out-of-town NHL games for a fee. It is set to be re-named NHL GameCenter Live. You can see a three-day free preview of the service from October 10th to October 12th.

To access the beta test site, go to

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