Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurricanes unveil their first-ever alternate jersey

The Carolina Hurricanes became the first National Hockey League team to unveil an alternate jersey under the Reebok Edge uniform system. It was done as an event at the RBC Center in Raleigh at 12:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time this afternoon (see video clip below).

video courtesy: Carolina Hurricanes

In case you didn't know by now, the Hurricanes went with a black jersey with the secondary "hurricane flag" logo as the crest. The primary logo is on the shoulders in an all-black color. The overall look resembles quite a bit like the primary home and away jerseys, but with some noticable exceptions. I'll let you see how the team described the alternate jersey design as stated in their news release.

The Carolina Hurricanes unveiled their alternate jersey on September 10, 2008. (photo courtesy: Carolina Hurricanes)

"Each piece of the uniform is primarily black, including the players' helmets, gloves, socks and jersey. The featured logo on the center of the jersey is the team’s familiar secondary logo, which includes a storm warning flag attached to a hockey stick and laid over a triangle, a tribute to the team's home in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. The jersey also includes gray squares along the bottom of the jersey, where the red-and-black squares are on the team’s primary sweaters and a gray and black version of the team's primary logo on each shoulder. The player's number is in red outlined in white on the sleeves and back, and the players name is in white on the back of the sweater. The socks and sleeves of the jersey feature red and gray v-shaped stripes and the black pants include the team's primary logo."

We've been used to the red and white as the dominating colors for the Hurricanes and the black as an accent color. Now, at least with this alternate jersey, black is front and center.

"We're very proud of our traditional uniforms," Hurricanes general mangers Jim Rutherford said at the press conference. "But after ten seasons in North Carolina and a lot of different ideas from our fans, we felt it was time to introduce an additional look for our team."

(left to right) Eric Staal, Tim Gleason and Cam Ward model the Carolina Hurricanes' alternate jersey on September 10, 2008. (photo by Gregg Forwerck/Carolina Hurricanes)

The team has also provided fans two PDF files for more on the alternate jersey with a fact sheet and jersey specifications. They later added a photo gallery and a video clip of the press conference that took place on the ice surface inside RBC Center.

You can see the nameplate and numbering on the back of Ward, Gleason and Staal's alternate jerseys.
(photo by Gregg Forwerck/Carolina Hurricanes)

I watched the live stream and I must say it looks very sharp! I don't know if I'm a fan of the all-black primary logo on the shoulders. But I guess the purpose of it would be to not make the shoulder logo standout on a black jersey. At the same time, the focus is the secondary logo for the crest. The secondary logo is now featured inside the center ice circle at RBC Center instead of the 10th anniversary logo that was there last season and the primary logo in the years before it since 1999.

(left to right) A closer side view of Staal, Gleason and Ward's alternate jerseys show the Hurricanes' primary logo on
the shoulders and in an all-black color.

(photo by Gregg Forwerck/Carolina Hurricanes)

I feel it is safe to say that the Hurricanes' new alternate jersey is better than some of the concepts that have been thrown around on various forums and blogs on the internet. One thing I wish they would do and that's get rid of the thin shoulder piping on the regular home and away jerseys. It's so not needed, but I can live with it.

(left to right) Gleason, Ward and Staal model the Carolina Hurricanes' alternate jerseys while standing inside RBC Center. Notice the team's secondary logo featured on the jersey's crest is now inside the center ice circle instead of the primary logo. (photo by Gregg Forwerck/Carolina Hurricanes)

Jason Jennings of WRAL-TV stated in his Wednesday night newscast report that the Hurricanes will wear the new alternate jersey 15 times (all at home) during the 2008-2009 season. It will make its debut on October 13th when the defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings pay their only visit to Raleigh.

Can wearing this jersey bring some good luck for the team?

"Fifteen games, hopefully 15 wins," Hurricanes goaltender Cam Ward told Chip Alexander of The News & Observer.

Hurricanes fans will have their first opportunity to buy the alternate jersey at the team's annual Caniac Carnival on September 21st. Expect to pony up about $300 if you want an authentic jersey.

Carolina is one of 18 NHL teams expected to have alternate jerseys under the new RBK Edge uniform system. The Buffalo Sabres will unveil theirs on September 20th.

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Mishey22 said...

I would personally like the black logo that's on the shoulders if it wasn't already ON black. On the whole I like the jersey, so maybe I'll look into getting a Brindy one.