Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Icethetics provides second hint to alternate jerseys with logos

After Howard Berger's detailed list of what may end up being the designs for most of the 19 NHL teams rumored to have plans for an alternate jersey during the 2008-2009 season, now hints have been dropped over at the Icethetics blog about what a number of those team's crest logos may look like.

Those that will come as no surprise are the Boston Bruins with their old school secondary logo moving from the shoulders to the crest on their alternate jersey, the Buffalo Sabres bringing back their vintage original logo, the Pittsburgh Penguins bringing back their old school logo that was given a preview during last season's Winter Classic and the Toronto Maple Leafs simply unshelving their classic 35-point blue leaf logo for their alternate jersey.

But there are other teams possibly going in a completely new direction with their alternates as explained in Berger's blog entry with wordmark logos such as Atlanta, Ottawa and Tampa Bay.

Once again, until they are officially unveiled as new looks by their respective teams, I won't pass judgment just yet. But based on the ones I saw in the two blog posts in the last four days, I'm not really that happy with some of them already.

UPDATE (July 31):
I thought I'd add this here instead of creating a separate new blog post. No, it is not any news, but I thought I'd add a link for you to also access from the Icethetics blog. Some interesting mockups have been submitted to further speculate what these alternate jerseys might look like. Obviously those might not end up what they'll look like, but it's fun to wonder how close they are to what will be the real thing.

Included are press photos of the vintage Islanders jerseys worn for a few games during the 2006-2007 season, three concepts the Kings could go possibly choose from (I'm also rooting for choice #1 out of three presented) and what Ottawa fans have proposed through a blog for a Senators alternate jersey that has a "heritage" feel to it. That Ottawa jersey concept is much better than what is rumored to be the upcoming alternate jersey.

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