Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kris Letang and Tyler Kennedy visit KDKA-TV studios

Unless you see visit the Pittsburgh Penguins official web site or one of the local television web sites, you may or may not have known about this from earlier today.

Two of the Penguins heroes in the team's successful 2009 Stanley Cup run paid a visit to the KDKA-TV studios in Pittsburgh this morning. Tyler Kennedy and Kris Letang discussed what their journey to the franchise's third championship meant to them, talked about the just-released DVD and even tried to deliver a weather forecast with the help of weather anchor Jon Burnett.

Let's just say with a bit of a playful laugh that Letang and Kennedy should just stick to playing hockey. There are two video clips that accompany the web page below.

KDKA-TV (Pittsburgh) (July 7):
Pens' Letang, Kennedy deliver the forecast on KDKA

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