Thursday, July 16, 2009

How much does your favorite NHL team travel?

If you are a National Hockey League fan and follow a specific team, do you every wonder if the amount of travel can effect the team's performance? Perhaps if you find out the total mileage your team will make this upcoming 2009-2010 season, you could draw your own conclusion for debate.

Dirk Hoag of SB Nation's On The Forecheck blog provides a great breakdown of all 30 teams where you can see the numbers yourself.

On The Forecheck (July 16):
How much does your favorite team travel? Check the NHL Super Schedule

Quick summary here...

Highest projected mileage:
Calgary Flames (55,331)

Largest increase from 2008-2009 season:
Montréal Canadiens (+5,901)

Lowest projected mileage:
Buffalo Sabres (25,911)

Largest decrease from 2008-2009 season:
San Jose Sharks (-9,696)

Most back-to-back games:
Chicago Blackhawks and New Jersey Devils (19)

Least back-to-back games:
Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators (11)

Also, if you like to see a complete master schedule for the 2009-2010 season, see Mr. Hoag's Google spreadsheet document. It's worth the look as well.

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