Thursday, September 13, 2007

RBK Edge jersey sets for all 30 teams leaked by EA Sports?

This is a big topic today in addition to the 2007 preseason schedule that begins tonight.

While numerous fans have anticipated the release of two National Hockey League video games, it is apparent that one of them has leaked the designs of all the new RBK Edge jerseys set to debut for the 30 teams. This is more notable for the ten clubs that have yet to officially unveil their new jerseys.

EA Sports' NHL 08 has an "unlock code" feature to their XBOX 360 version of the game where gamers can access and use the new jerseys of all 30 teams. Keep note of the fact that on its official site, you will see last year's uniforms on the players in screenshots and game preview video clips. Despite being available to Canadian consumers earlier in the week, the new video game is now available everywhere (including the United States) as of today.

Chris Smith's NHL Tournament of Logos blog has all the information you can feast your inquistive eyes on with the first of his two entries on the subject, "EA unlocks unreleased jerseys?" His second blog entry includes a full gallery showing jersey torf previews of all the home and away jerseys of the 30 teams. Keep in mind after Anaheim released their new jersey (that is set to debut tonight in a preseason game against Los Angeles), don't completely believe the designs of the 10 remaining teams yet to unveil until they have been officially released to the public.

I still plan to put together a recap and overview of all 30 teams with their new jerseys and any that have new logos shortly after all are released by September 21st.

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