Saturday, September 1, 2007

NHL Tournament of Logos blog is big hit among fans

During this summer, I found a wonderful blog to help keep my passion for hockey up at a healthy level as I deal with the offseason, a duration of 2½ months. It is called the NHL Tournament of Logos.

What makes this blog very entertaining and useful is that Chris Smith (the blogger) decided to create a "tournament" of what is the best logo in the National Hockey League as a result of fan polling. Fourteen first round logo matchups were featured with two teams (Carolina and Colorado) getting byes. These matchups included the new primary logos of seven teams that made a change. The Sharks vs. Canucks matchup where the winner is determined by the end of tonight, it is the last one in the first round and both feature their new logos. Only three of the Original Six teams advanced to the second round. For the logo tournament bracket, go to the upper right side of Chris' blog home page and click on the image for a closer look.

The NHL Tournament of Logos blog has become a big hit with other hockey fans as well and it is most evident in the number of hits Chris reported in one of his posts earlier today where 110,000 visitors stopped by his site (including me) on Wednesday. This was when the Vancouver Canucks unveiled their new uniforms. Over one million hits have been recorded since that blog went up and running on the internet. Chris has future plans in store for the blog even after this logo tournament ends.

I expect to do my own personal roundup of all the new RBK Edge jerseys that the 30 teams will be wearing this upcoming season in the near future, but more notably the teams that have brand-new designs and/or logos to accompany them.

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