Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 NHL trade deadline day is here

The day is finally here. This is an fantasy hockey player's wet dream. It's the NHL trade deadline, 2012 style.

Today is the day hockey fans around the world watch closely to see if their favorite team makes a trade... or two... or three (okay, not necessarily that many, but you get my point)... where they are either looking to bolster their roster to make a serious run at a Stanley Cup title or simply to execute a fire sale in building for the future.

This is when NHL owners and general managers pull their hair out and have a couple of coffee pots on standby. The weight of their teams falls on their shoulders to do what is best for their employer. This is the proving ground where their salaries are deserving or not when they were hired.

By today's 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, how many trades will be made? No one knows for sure, but there will be some made by then. What will be funny is that if there are so few to make this day not worth getting up in the morning and follow TSN, CBC, Rogers Sportsnet, The Score or even the NHL Network and the league office running's trade deadline page, all those employees reporting to work extra early will be just a little bit aggravated. ESPN has a trade deadline tracker you can follow. Not to say FOX Sports won't be paying any attention, but if you don't need the extensive marathon coverage those Canadian networks provide, you always have that American source to check out anytime. SB Nation (which partnered up with Yahoo!) also has their trade deadline page with team bloggers keeping us updated.

Additional reliable online sources you can access include:

Spector's Hockey
The Fourth Period
Kukla's Korner
James Mirtle's Twitter feed
Sean Leahy's Twitter feed

Lyle Richardson (who is a very reputable journalist that runs the Spector's Hockey site) has listed a few more sources you can access for all your trade deadline need for juicy trade rumors and actual deals. But I highly recommend Lyle as someone that will be bringing you instant analysis on his blog that is also accessible at FOX Sports' NHL page.

NHL Network will provide plenty of coverage for American viewers:
(schedule in Eastern Time)

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM: TSN's TradeCentre '12
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM: 2012 Trade Deadline Recap Show
7:30 PM to 10:00 PM: NHL on the Fly
10:00 PM: NHL Tonight

The NHL Live! radio show will not air today.

For complete details, see the NHL's February 27th press release. This is in addition to TSN and Rogers Sportsnet providing their usual trade deadline day coverage.

We'll see how things pan out between now and the end of tonight when any trades made by the deadline are announced. I'd be shocked if more than a few big names get moved today, but again, we shall see. Enjoy your trade deadline day and may your favorite team not disappoint you.

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