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NHL releases full league-wide 2011 preseason schedule

Even though I already posted separate blog entries for each of the 30 teams, I'll provide you the full 2011 NHL preseason schedule. The National Hockey League just did so on their official web site.

Here are a handful of highlights as mentioned in the news release:

Jets open their preseason schedule on September 20th
The new Winnipeg Jets make their preseason debut with a home-and-home split squad matchup against the Columbus Blue Jackets. One half of their team will make their first appearance on the ice with a 7:00 PM Eastern Time game at Nationwide Arena in Columbus. Even though it is only an exhibition game that doesn't statistically count, the other half of the Jets team will skate in front of their home fans for the first time just 90 minutes later with an 8:30 PM game at MTS Centre in Winnipeg.

7 exhibition games in Europe
With four games scheduled, the New York Rangers will visit four countries in just 5 days. The other three NHL teams in the Anaheim Ducks, Buffalo Sabres and Los Angeles Kings will each only have one preseason game in Europe, all on October 4th.

2011 Kraft Hockeyville exhibition game on September 26th
Conception Bay South, Newfoundland was selected to host the 2011 Kraft Hockeyville competition. It was originally supposed to be the site of an exhibition game between the Ottawa Senators and Winnipeg Jets. Due to high ticket demand, the game was moved from the 600-seat Robert French Memorial Stadium. Instead, it will take place at Mile One Stadium in St. John's.

Neutral site hosts
These locations will be where neutral site games are played:
Albany, New York
Baltimore, Maryland
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Charlotte, North Carolina
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Kansas City, Missouri
Las Vegas, Nevada
London, Ontario
Orlando, Florida
Québec City, Québec
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

(game start times are in Eastern Time)

*split squad game

Nashville at Florida, 3:00 PM*
Carolina at Buffalo, 7:00 PM
Ottawa at Toronto, 7:00 PM
Nashville at Florida, 7:30 PM*

Philadelphia at Toronto, 7:00 PM
Winnipeg at Columbus, 7:00 PM*
Nashville vs. Washington (in Baltimore), 7:00 PM
Dallas at Montréal, 7:30 PM
Tampa Bay at St. Louis, 8:00 PM
Chicago vs. Edmonton (in Saskatoon), 8:00 PM*
Columbus at Winnipeg, 8:30 PM*
Minnesota at Edmonton, 9:00 PM*
Vancouver at Calgary, 9:00 PM*
Calgary at Vancouver, 10:00 PM*
Phoenix at Anaheim, 10:00 PM

Toronto at Philadelphia, 7:00 PM
Washington at Columbus, 7:00 PM
Detroit at Pittsburgh, 7:00 PM
St. Louis vs. Tampa Bay (in Orlando), 7:00 PM
New Jersey vs. New York Rangers (in Albany, New York), 7:00 PM
Buffalo at Montréal, 7:30 PM
Boston at Ottawa, 7:30 PM
San Jose at Anaheim, 10:00 PM
Los Angeles at Phoenix, 10:00 PM*
Phoenix at Los Angeles, 10:30 PM*

Chicago at Pittsburgh, 7:00 PM
Detroit vs. Philadelphia (in London, Ontario), 7:00 PM
Minnesota at St. Louis, 8:00 PM
Colorado at Dallas, 8:30 PM
Vancouver at Edmonton, 9:00 PM

New York Islanders at Boston, 7:00 PM
Buffalo at Toronto, 7:00 PM
Nashville at Carolina, 7:00 PM
New York Rangers at New Jersey, 7:00 PM
Philadelphia at Detroit, 7:30 PM
Florida at Tampa Bay, 7:30 PM
Montréal at Ottawa, 7:30 PM
Washington at Chicago, 8:00 PM
Columbus at Minnesota, 8:00 PM
St. Louis at Colorado, 9:00 PM
Anaheim at San Jose, 10:30 PM

Minnesota at Pittsburgh, 3:00 PM
Toronto at Buffalo, 7:00 PM
Ottawa at Montréal, 7:00 PM
New Jersey at New York Islanders, 7:00 PM
Tampa Bay at Florida, 7:30 PM
Winnipeg at Nashville, 8:00 PM
St. Louis at Dallas, 8:00 PM
Calgary at Edmonton, 8:00 PM
Anaheim at Vancouver, 10:00 PM
Phoenix at San Jose, 10:30 PM

Chicago at Detroit, 5:00 PM
Buffalo at Columbus, 5:00 PM
Winnipeg vs. Carolina (in Charlotte), 5:00 PM
Boston vs. Montréal (in Halifax), 6:00 PM
Dallas at Colorado, 8:00 PM
Edmonton at Calgary, 8:00 PM
San Jose at Vancouver, 9:00 PM
Anaheim at Los Angeles, 9:30 PM

Ottawa vs. Winnipeg (in St. John's), 4:00 PM
Columbus at Washington, 7:00 PM
New York Rangers at Philadelphia, 7:00 PM
Boston at Montréal, 7:30 PM

Dallas at Florida, 7:30 PM
Toronto at Ottawa, 7:30 PM
St. Louis at Minnesota, 8:00 PM
Pittsburgh vs. Los Angeles (in Kansas City), 8:00 PM
Phoenix at Edmonton, 9:00 PM
New York Islanders at Calgary, 9:00 PM

Washington at Nashville, 8:00 PM
Carolina at Winnipeg, 8:30 PM
Detroit at Chicago, 8:30 PM
Los Angeles at Colorado, 9:00 PM
Vancouver at Anaheim, 10:00 PM

Rangers vs. Sparta Prague (in Prague, Czech Republic), 1:00 PM
Ottawa at Boston, 7:00 PM
New Jersey at Philadelphia, 7:00 PM
Minnesota at Columbus, 7:00 PM
Tampa Bay at Montréal, 7:30 PM
Colorado at St. Louis, 8:00 PM
Florida at Dallas, 8:30 PM
Phoenix at Calgary, 9:00 PM
Vancouver at San Jose, 10:30 PM

New York Rangers vs. Frolunda (in Gothenburg, Sweden), 1:00 PM
Buffalo at Washington, 7:00 PM
New York Islanders at New Jersey, 7:00 PM
Columbus at Carolina, 7:00 PM
Toronto at Detroit, 7:30 PM
Edmonton at Minnesota, 8:00 PM
Pittsburgh at Chicago, 8:30 PM
Nashville at Winnipeg, 8:30 PM
Los Angeles at Anaheim, 10:00 PM

Dallas at St. Louis, 2:30 PM
Detroit at Toronto, 7:00 PM
Philadelphia at New Jersey, 7:00 PM
Montréal vs. Tampa Bay (in Québec City), 7:00 PM
Boston vs. New York Islanders (in Bridgeport, CT), 7:00 PM
Carolina at Nashville, 8:00 PM
Colorado vs. Los Angeles (in Las Vegas, Nevada), 9:00 PM
San Jose at Phoenix, 10:00 PM
Edmonton at Vancouver, 10:00 PM

Rangers vs. HC Slovan (in Bratislava, Slovakia), 11:00 AM
Pittsburgh at Detroit, 5:00 PM
Chicago at Washington, 5:00 PM

New York Rangers vs. EV Zug (in Zug, Switzerland), 2:00 PM

Anaheim vs. Jokerit (in Helsinki), 12:00 PM
Los Angeles vs. Hamburg (in Hamburg, Germany), 1:00 PM
Buffalo vs. Adler Mannheim (in Mannheim, Germany), 1:30 PM

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