Monday, June 8, 2009

Jerry Moyes talks to KSAZ-TV's Jude LaCava

Regardless of what you believe is true in the growing debate of what has transpired in recent weeks, months and years in how the Phoenix Coyotes as a franchise has fallen on hard financial times, fans should hear what outgoing owner Jerry Moyes had to say tonight to KSAZ-TV's Jude LaCava on FOX 10 SportsNight.

The timing of this interview may raise a few eyebrows considering the future of the Coyotes in Arizona hangs in the balance with Tuesday's upcoming hearing in downtown Phoenix. United States Bankruptcy Court judge Redfield T. Baum will listen to arguments from both the National Hockey League and Moyes about the legality of Moyes' Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and if he is allowed to sell the team to BlackBerry billionaire Jim Balsillie. Without question, if Balsillie acquires the Coyotes, he intends to move them to Hamilton, Ontario.

Either way, Moyes may or may not be publicly disclosing every angle and detail of his case as to how he has kept the franchise afloat, but this might be just his way of getting his voice heard before a possible ruling in the bankruptcy court case.

video courtesy: KSAZ-TV

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