Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cablevision adds NHL Network HD to channel lineup

I'm not sure if anyone here has caught this, but this is wonderful news for hockey fans in the New York City metropolitan area.

It appears that now we know why people that live in my area have seen an extended free preview of NHL Network longer than your usual one week timeframe like NHL Center Ice has.

Around 2:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time this morning, Cablevision added NHL Network HD to their iO Digital Cable channel lineup. Cablevision customers can find this great new addition on channel 791, as listed on their HDTV page under the sports tab. The total number of high definition channels that Cablevision provides increased to 65 (including the premium channels), but this is still nowhere close to what their competitors offer.

PR Web was the first to break the news publicly online with their news release. This was also dated yesterday, but Cablevision themselves did not provide one on their web site until roughly two hours ago.

Cablevision official news release (October 14):
Cablevision continues high-definition expansion with launch of five new free HD channels for iO TV customers


Anonymous said...

Too bad you need to subscribe to a "sports pak" for an additional $5.95 per month in order to get this channel in low or high definition.

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