Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Minnesota Wild alternate jersey concepts

I read this a few days ago at the NHL Tournament of Logos (soon to be re-named Icethetics) blog and it has my curiosity level up.

One of Chris Smith's readers who attended the Minnesota Wild fan appreciation day festivities in St. Paul last week had said that the team had displayed up to eight prototypes of possible designs for their new alternate jersey.

Obviously, this is partly an opinion post here as opposed to a news story.

Anyway, then yesterday, some fans started sending in concepts of what they think the prototypes could look like. In my opinion, I hope they don't ever see the light of day.

Out of any of them, I only support a white or light wheat version of their current home jersey, BUT... bring back last year's alternate turned home jersey! It is much better than the Reebok Edge version. I would even like to see a green version of the current home jersey, too. There were a couple images I saw back in February that shows not just a green one, but a white one, too. Not bad, I must say. I even like the idea of seeing what the primary logo looks like as the crest of their current home jersey.

However, but I also would support the exploration of a new secondary logo (even though I do still like the original that was unveiled on that very famous day in 1998). Check this out. You also get another look at what a green version to the current home jersey could look like, too.

How about this though? I would love to see what this idea looks like for real. This is from GhettoFarmBoy from the NHL Tournament of Logos blog as well as at Chris Creamer's Sports Logos page. Seriously, why this isn't explored for a third jersey is beyond me.

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