Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nate Anderson's blog photo of Xcel Energy Center

Here is a photo blog entry that caught my eye in making my usual rounds on my favorite television web sites today. Nate Anderson snapped a beautiful picture with his camera from high above the ice at the Xcel Energy Center during last month when the Minnesota Wild were still playing in this year's Stanley Cup playoff season. As a photojournalist for KARE-TV in Minneapolis, he is no stranger to hockey and stated in his blog how great the X is for its beauty, its atmosphere and the overall experience you'd enjoy at a Minnesota Wild home game.

The Wild gave a heads up on the posting of Anderson's photograph and here you can see his blog entry for yourself.

KARE-TV's (Minneapolis) Nate Overnight blog (May 12, 2008):
You don't need to be a hockey fan...

I still cannot take my eyes off that the photo. Truly one that I'll never stop appreciating.

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