Friday, August 3, 2007

Welcome to my NHL blog!

I have wrestled with the idea for quite a while now, but I decided to act on it. I know I'm not the only diehard hockey fan on the internet to start a blog. This is outside of professional journalists that cover the National Hockey League on a regular basis. I do post on a handful of hockey forums often, but I felt there was a need to do something more. So this might be the best way I can also express my true love for the sport on some sort of "hockey diary" of my own.

Without a doubt, I will be expanding on this blog and building it over time, both from the content to the look of the site. Expect plenty of my thoughts on what is going on around the National Hockey League and readers are always welcome to post their comments on anything I discuss.

So much to talk about and the upcoming season will be here before we know it! Training camp is a little more than a month away and I cannot wait! It's already late right now, so I better get some shuteye. More to come, so stay tuned!

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